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Destination Health Magazine Author Guidelines
Destination Health Magazine Author Guidelines is a medical tourism and destinations focused magazine, it will be sent to thousands of healthcare and medical tourism related professionals, worldwide. Destination Health Magazine (%).) provides engaging, timely and opinion-rich content which has a clear focus and serves to instigate further thinking and debate on important and emerging topics in the field of international healthcare tourism. The magazine is published four times a year, in winter, spring, summer and autumn. We welcome contributions from both healthcare tourism experts and conventional tourism experts. Each section of DHM is centered on a theme, containing articles which explore the theme from a variety of viewpoints. The themes are chosen to reflect current topics of interest in the field of medical tourism, thermal healthcare tourism, 3rd age tourism and conventional tourism.


BE INTERNATIONAL DHM is an international magazine, with a focus on every aspect of healthcare tourism. Articles can address local events or country-specific developments but should still have an international appeal.
BE OBJECTIVE If content, intended to highlight one company or institution over another, will not be published, unless it is specifically centred on a case study which provides valuable information to readers.
BE UP TO DATE Our stories need to tell readers what’s happening now and what’s happening next rather than what happened in the past. Articles that are highly time-sensitive may be old news or no longer of readers’ interest by the time, so make sure your idea is forward-looking.

KEEP IT JOURNALISTIC IN STYLE DHM. magazine is not intended as a scholarly journal, it is a journalistic magazine which focuses on lighter content appealing to a broad section of medical or healthcare tourism professionals. The use of references in your article is acceptable; however we do ask you to keep the number of references to below eight to avoid publishing lengthy bibliographies.

CONSIDER AUDIENCE Before writing your article, consider who exactly you are aiming your article at: Hospital managers? Administrators? Policy makers? Officers? Facilitators of international offices? etc. Ensure you keep them in mind as you compose your article.

• We recommend you read a few previous articles from DHM to get a better idea of style and content.
• Please submit your article via e-mail as in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).
• Your article should be between 1000 and 3000 words in length. Only the main text is included in the word count; heading, sub-headings, abstract, references, figure captions, and tables are not counted toward the word count.
• You are welcome to submit any photos or images you feel would be appropriate to accompany the article. The accepted format is JPG or JPEG and at least 800×600 pixel size. Please don’t simply insert into images into your Word document.
• If images submitted, authors must confirm that they own the copyright otherwise images will not be published.
• We feature authors on a Contributors page, please add very short resume about you (not more than 200 word) with a picture of yourself. Resumes will be featured on the Contributors page.
• Generally, we publish original articles, but we will consider reprinting articles or running a revised version. In any case, we’ll want to know up front whether your submission has or will also appear elsewhere. If a version of your article has already been published on another site, please let us know.
• Submissions are made on a voluntary basis. Authors are solely responsible for the content of articles submitted. The magazine accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies in manuscripts or references or any kind of copyright.
• Authors may submit an article for publication to the journal at any time throughout the year.
• If your article is submitted after the final deadline for the issue, it will be considered for the following issue. The sooner you submit, the sooner your article will begin the review process. Also, because we publish “Web First,” early submission means that your article may be published with a full citation as soon as it is ready, even if that is before the full issue is published.
• Yearly basis submission deadline dates are: For the WINTER issue is 1 March, for the SPRING issue is 31 May, for the SUMMER issue 31 July, for the AUTUMN issue is 31 October.
• Article will be published on the understanding that the copyright in the article is retained by the author whilst granting DHM full publication rights. The DHM can give permission to reproduce the article elsewhere by informing author.
• If accepted, your article will be copy edited by our editors to ensure it fits the house style. If more detailed changes are required, we will contact you and either request you make the changes yourself, or we will do so. Original titles or subheadings are subject to change.

By submitting an article you agree to be bound by the terms of the DHM Article Submission Agreement. Please remember that all articles are sent to the DHM for consideration; publication is not guaranteed. We look forward to receiving your articles!
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