Ass. Prof. Dr. H. Omer TONTUS

Dear readers;
First of all, I would like to thank all readers for their contributions and criticism and their positive feedback on our WINTER2019 issue.

With the rise in the need for better healthcare, medical tourism is witnessing a high rate of growth. As many countries are taking a position in this promising sector, it is imperative for the medical tourism service providers in countries to take consideration of their quality levels of service in order to meet the expectations of their global consumers.

Destination Health Magazine publishes articles on key issues related to health tourism, both in terms of care service delivery and traditional components of tourism. The journal is also designed to collect data about the expectations of the medical tourism sector and to inform the professionals about the determinants of the sector.

As you know, we are the only ones in this sector as a journalistic magazine that publishes periodically and regularly with a focus on healthcare tourism.

In this issue of our magazine, you will find again the writings of valuable experts. In the article which written by Mr. Ilan Geva, one of the regular writers of our journal, “The Role of Governments in Health Tourism” was discussed in detail. As we all know, it is impossible for the healthcare tourism sector to advance and expand without the regulatory and supportive role of governments. I think this article is a horizon for all of us.

The most frequently asked question to our editor by e-mail and LinkedIn messages was about “the health insurance in the health tourism sector”. In “Questions and Talks” section we interviewed Mr. Laurent with the questions you asked. In this interview, Mr. Lauret Pochat-Cottilloux clarifies the topic based on both his experiences in the international health insurance sector and the projects he has developed individually.

Prof. Dr. Tasci of the University of Florida shares her views on the success of the medical tourism brand through Consumer-Based Brand Equity. On the other hand, Dr Jin has written an article for you which about the hospital websites on the aim of the internationalization.

Of course, one of the most important topics in the health tourism sector is the “second opinion”. About this, Dr Adel Eldin shares his views with you. On the other hand, the driving factor of medical tourism from the US to Mexico, from Germany to Turkey and from the UK to India is diaspora populations. The main reasons of the is diaspora health tourism has also been examined and brought to your attention by an article in our magazine.

In a country with a microorganism flora that is different from the flora of the person’s natural life cycle, healthcare-acquired infections can cause morbidity and even mortality. In this topic, Mr. Theis Jensen, who has very important studies about hospital-acquired infections, shares a comprehensive article with you through our magazine.

In addition, you will find an original work of Elizabeth Ziemba on the dynamics of health tourism cluster structuring that must be taken into consideration while developing health tourism projects in countries. You can also contribute to the development of ideas in your work environment by reading the health system recommendations for better healthcare they deserve for older people, written by Mr. Chai Chuah.

Finally, as an example of a success story, Dr. Urska Starc Peceny wrote an article about tourism-oriented “Tourism 4.0” software. You can find some tips to apply to your own projects in the article content.

In the SUMMER2019 issue, you will find an article on “the role of accreditation in health facilities” with the views of many experts. We also plan to give priority to articles about thermal healthcare tourism and wellness tourism.

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Dr H. Omer Tontus, MD,
Healthcare Executive