H. Omer Tontus


Advisory to Rector in Istanbul Technical University

Ass. Professor in Medical Education

Lecturer in Science & Letter Faculty at ITU

Academic Member of Molecular Biology & Genetic Department

Omer is a medical doctor, who specialized in General Surgery and medical education. He attended a program at University of Oxford, UK in general surgery training as an observer. Omer has worked in both the state hospital setting and private practices nationally and internationally for many years.

In summer 2011, he started his role as Deputy Dean in Medical Faculty. His main interest was “assessment and evaluation in medical education”. He developed an assessment and evaluation software for medical education. Also, he developed a special exam method for clinical period of undergraduate medical education.

In autumn 2013, he started his CEO career at Ministry of Health in the Health Promotion Program for promoting healthy living. He also assigned as CEO of Medical Tourism Department of MoH in 2014.

In Late 2017, he started to work as Advisory to Rector in Istanbul Technical University. In autumn 2018, he started his new academic position in Science & Letter Faculty at Molecular Biology and Genetics Department.

He published 11 books on the topic of Medical Tourism. And he also published many other books such as “Patients Satisfaction”, “Event Management”, “Principles of Public Healthcare Management”. He also proud of his book for high school level students which is “High School Health Information Textbook”.

He focused on medical tourism and future medicine, in late 2018. He has been exploring the world of medical tourism and future medicine for a couple of years now and is involved by the interminable possibilities this field is offering.

He also chief editor and owner of Destination Health Magazine which is published quarterly.

His main interest lay in the field of health startups, digitalization strategies for cross-border health and in digital health education. To him, digital health and medical tourism are also key to improve people’s health in underserved areas.

Omer believes that its time to gather experts’ knowledge in all fields and to actively build the future we would like to live in.