Publishers’ Code of Ethics

– We DO NOT sell the magazine in any formats (printed or digital).
– While we publish using many different contents, we hold the author’s original copy in digital format.
– Our primary purpose is to share knowledge through the magazine as we can firstly for professional and then for the public.
– We ask our authors by a kind of electronic message to follow author guidelines.
– We will abide by the Destination Health Magazine Authors Guideline, as that document appeared on our Linkedin profile page and website. Our specific market sectors are “healthcare tourism” related businesses, in general.
– We pledge full financial support comes from publisher own sources.
– We do not pay royalties as stated on Authors Guideline, submissions are made on a voluntary basis.
– Authors are solely responsible for the content of articles submitted.
– We will keep channels of communications open with our authors, with the understanding that both we and the authors will hold as confidential all such communications.
– We will maintain as confidential, at author’s request, as much as that is possible.
– The author can use a pseudonym and we respect o the pseudonym normally.
– However, the legal name may have to be disclosed to bookkeeping staff, editing staff, attorneys, etc.

Above all, we pledge to be open and fair with our authors and the public.