Ass. Prof. Dr. H. Omer TONTUS

Destination Health Magazine; Discussing Medical Tourism

Welcome to our first issue of Destination Health Magazine.

Destination Health Magazine (DHM) takes a systematic approach to examining the growing field of medical tourism, one of the field’s newest niches, with millions of patients travel each year. This important magazine fills the need for a modern approach to the sector with eyes of in-sector professionals that look at medical tourism in depth from medical and hospitality perspectives.

Increasing numbers of patients are going abroad to find affordable quality medical care for both necessary and cosmetic medical services, and their relatives accompany them. When their treatments need surgery or long stay in the destination country, patients and/or their companions combine a trip of conventional tourism (such as a visit to Ephesus, Taj Mahal etc.) and cultural attraction.

Therefore, medical tourism is not only about the treatment of the patient; it includes many different steps, such as the visa process, pretreatment assessments, treatment, posttreatment care, leisure travel and entertainment. In addition, different stakeholder roles are involved in each of these processes.

As can be seen from the publication principles page of the journal, articles prepared for guidance to an institution or country are not accepted. Our magazine, which aims to be a bridge between the destination of health tourism and its destination, also aims to bring the opinions of the experts to a wider audience.

In this way, we all together as editors, authors or readers can add better values to this multidimensional service sector of medical tourism.

As you can see from the content, we are not aiming to make any country or any health institution prominent in our magazine. The first issue of the magazine indicates our approach which it takes a wide-ranging look at medical tourism, covering all related topics such as:
• Medical tourism concept
• Why travel for medical care
• The role of facilitators in medical tourism
• SPAs for medical tourism
• Branding, country or institution
• Best practices in medical tourism
• Digital healthcare
• Key countries
• Key medical disciplines
• Transportation, leisure and hospitality services
• Conventional and cultural tourism options
• Patient follow-up
• Future trends
• Careers in medical tourism

With the presence of field experts such as Ilan Geva, Elizabeth Ziemba, Maria K. Todd, Arthur Olesch, Daniel Coulton Shaw, Chai Chuah and others, the Destination Health Magazine provides comprehensive discussing points into medical tourism related healthcare, management focus and hospitality management. This magazine will also be a must-have resource for professionals working in the medical tourism sector.

DHM presents a wide range of ideas about practical application tools, practices, models, approaches, and strategies that are proving themselves effective in the medical tourism sector by experts’ opinions. The magazine considers overall infrastructure, socioeconomic conditions, and the medical tourism business structure in discussing the efficiency of good strategies and practices and their impact on economic growth. The medical tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors, and in the next few decades, it will play a role in many fields, such as human resources, national economic growth, cross-border healthcare institutional alliance and more.

In this first issue, I am sure you will benefit from the writing of valuable contributing editors. Our magazine has been published in a non-profit, non-commercial concept and is not available for sale anywhere. As it is published on the original website, the magazine is sent to specific addresses, free of charge. I invite you to visit www. destinationhealthmag.co.uk.

You can share your works with us to be published in the forthcoming issues of Destination Health Magazine which will be published as 4 issues per year.

Hope to see you in the next issue.

Dr H. Omer Tontus, MD,
Ass. Prof. Dr