Winning advice from 50 of the world’s top private medical clinics for your Medical Tourism Plan


Daniel Coulton Shaw

After accreditation visits of more than 50 of the top private medical clinics around the world (in Lebanon, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Greece, Poland, the UAE, Estonia, Turkey, Austria and beyond) a list of common characteristics in the way these great medical clinics worked “collected and unified”

I have been working to implement more of these characteristics into our own work fl w. It’s not easy, but it must be done if businesses or organizations are to advance rapidly in the next few years, also as a team to provide excellence for the patients they serve

Before you start to read through them, you have to know that most of these clinic leaders, doctors, owners and patient managers didn’t consider themselves natural “business people” at all. But because they were able to develop the following qualities in their medical clinic, clinic team and clinic culture, they were able to build highly reputable clinics within a relatively short amount of time

Although lots of ideas on how to build private medical clinic & hospital reputation shared, It’s clear that there is no “one idea” that makes a clinic become a national or international leader in its medical specialisation apart from this:

What makes a winning medical clinic is simply the focused action it takes every day to push itself and it’s influen e even further.

So the question ıs – what do you have planned to do today for tomorrow to expand your clınıcs’ ınfluence to brıng ıncreased reputatıon, revenue and results?

Here are 50 ideas from the top 50 clinics & hospitals visited:

These winning medical clinics…
1 …don’t think in terms of patient numbers but they focus on building a reputable clinic brand.
2 …build their clinic reputation on one patient at a time and then leverage each patient into more patients.
3 …spend more time listening to patients and their relatives than they spend time on marketing, to get an understanding of the real patient needs so that they can customise better solutions for patients.
4 …deliver more than they promise and always promise a lot.
5 …invest their time and focus daily on those things that will positively affect their revenue and avoid spending time on those things that have no financia return.
6 …are always seeking new, better and faster ways to increase their numbers of patients or the prices they can chargeso that they are more financially stable to provide better services.
7 …are willing to invest in networking, community and relationships, knowing that the difference between selling treatment plans and doing real medicine that matters is in the relationship with the patient.
8 …fanatical and  obsessed with increasing their reputation, revenue and treatment outcome results daily.
9 …don’t depend on the state of the local economy for their treatment results and instead rely on the actions they take each day.
10 …surround themselves with doctors and teams that are committed to daily growth and have little time for those that just “do the job”.
11… never accept good enough as good enough, always pushing themselves harder than others would ever dare.
12 …don’t see failed treatment cases as failures but as investments in the clinics’ growth.
13 …never give up on patients that didn’t book into their clinic knowing that one day, someday in the future they will probably choose to have their medical treatment done somewhere else.
14 …squeeze hours out of minutes and weeks out of days through systems, scripts and automation.
15 …see problem patients as opportunities to grow.
16… invest in the education of all their teams knowing that this is the way to grow the clinic, keep the team motivated, and keep team members from leaving. (don’t just focus on doctor training – all admin & support staff should receive training as well)
17 …invest in building their reputationconstantly by increasing the level of expertise, facilities, services and patient outcomes available every month.
18 …hold themselves to the highest standards possible and  invest in accreditation and standards monitoring.
19 …track their numbers daily  to measurably keep themselves accountable. They have a dashboard that shows them exactly where they stand at any moment in time.
20 …are constantly in think, plan and prepare mode in order to continue to build their patient base and keep their treatment rooms full.
21… protect and guard their patient base like a good parent would their children.
22 …are completely convinced that  the treatments they provide hold more value than the money they charge for them.
23…have a mission/vision that runs deep and cannot be challenged by economies, competitor clinics or clinics charging lower prices.
24 …are constant communicators and are able to focus their external communication to reach new patients. They don’t think “always be selling”, they think more “always be communicating”
25 …don’t see themselves as “selling treatments” as much as they do “serving patients” but also know that they need to “sell more treatments” in order to “serve more patients”.
26 …challenge themselves constantly and are not satisfied with awards, but instead  look towards the increased treatment outcomes and growth of the clinic because they correctly estimate their true potential.
27 …are  never satisfied with themselves, their own efforts, or the results of the treatments they provide
28 …are not just interested in being the #1 clinic in the area, but interested in pushing the boundaries of the treatment they provide even further.
29 …don’t focus on being busy, they focus on being productive!
30 …willingly stretch way beyond what’s typically expected of a clinic in their specialisation.
31 …want to create patients and referrals for life as they know a really passionate patient is worth more than the money they paid for the treatment.
32…never blame other clinics, economy or country conditions for their lack of growth. They are full responsible for the revenue and impact they create.
33…are  obsessed with building a patient group that will take care of them and their patients for years.
34…are inspired by treatment mistakes knowing that such failures can be the inspiration for future innovation.
35…always stay hungry for new patients and use all available channels that are open to them to gain new patients.
36…start early and finish la e.
37…view dissatisfied patients as opportunities to create fanatical fans.
38…see team members with a fi ed salary as more of a risk than an income based on commission from the overall clinic revenue.
39…value and build connections with their local community. (attending local meetings, sponsoring local charities, events and sports teams)
40…have teams are devoted to being in  their absolute best physical and mental condition.
41…have a team mentality – they choose to work together and not as solo individuals.
42…use instinct, creativity and passion to lead and fuel growth.
43…pay their teams well above average basic salary and where possible – commission or bonuses in addition to that.
44…are good at starting new projects quickly and great at finishingthem quickly with “success follows speed” principle.
45…don’t seek easy to reach patient cases and instead pursue complex patient cases knowing these patients are more valuable to long-term learning.
46…follow up with the patients that other clinics would simply forget about.
47…have teams that are completely convinced that what they are doing is making a difference in the lives of their patients and this shows in their external communication & marketing.
48…seek to be the #1 clinic for their medical specialisation in their town, their region and then their country – not for ego but knowing it will result in holding them accountable to provide the very best medical treatment possible.
49…obsess over dominating their medical specialisation geographically, instead of simply competing against other private clinics.
50…take responsibility for the entire patient journey from start to finish and are willing to get involved in those things that typically outsourced to other companies like patient facilitators.  This typically means all the marketing – website, social media, patient enquiry handling, and aftercare done directly by the clinic itself