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About Destination Health

Destination Health Magazine is the first magazine edited in the UK with the objective of discussing healthcare tourism about the importance of the medical, thermal and other aspects of healthcare tourism with future perspective. Topics are focused on the important niche of modern medicine.

In the magazine, apart from facts related to healthcare providers will include articles about spas, thermals, the latest technological care opportunities and digital health products, the most newly developed medical technologies, alternative treatments models and sections devoted to tourism, literature among others.

Destination Health Magazine an international scientific journalistic magazine dealing with hospitals, clinics, health resort medicine, thermal therapies, SPAs and third age tourism etc.

Includes articles all up to date medical activities originated and derived in expert opinion based and/or scientific evidence-based aiming at health promotion, prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. Articles are published in English. Regular sections include original articles reporting basic research, review articles, editorials, and letters to the Editor.

Destination Health Magazine is a one-stop destination for healthcare tourism professionals with original and concise articles. DHM reports on the newest trends in the healthcare tourism industry to its audience. The magazine conveys essential and innovative practices, bringing readers deep into the dynamic industry and sharing what is vital for success. With a fresh perspective, no other industry publication delivers a more complete editorial product than Destination Health Magazine.

Your Magazine will also develop a concept as discussing platform on every aspect of healthcare tourism and its role in modern society which named as "Questions & Talks (DHM Qs&Ts)".

Millions and millions of people use cross-border health services for curative purposes each year. The Destination Health Magazine aims to favour research, share information between countries and professionals, and to publish and promote collaboration between different organizations linked to the healthcare tourism sector.

DHM also offers invaluable learning and networking opportunities, the DHM is a paper and web based leading international meeting place where innovative minds gather to discuss ideas and solutions that inspire change on the healthcare tourism industry.

Promoting policies and practices benefiting businesses and communities, the DHM helps to reinforce the role of healthcare tourism in building a healthier future.